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CEO: Titus K. Lion III Mr. Lion is the respected CEO of the Wild Corp. His Grandfather, Titus K. Lion, founded the company in 1986. Mr. Lion is known for his expertise and vigilance in being in charge of the company.


Secretary: Lauren Tall Ms. Tall is the executive secretary of Mr. Lion. She has been working for the company for 16 years and has done executive work for many different companies before that.


Warehouse Coordinator: Jack Rhino Mr Rhino is the warehouse coordinator, responsilbe for keeping all merchandise stocked and prepared for shipping. He has been a part of the staff for over 35 years.


Shipping Manager: Ben Scavenger Mr. Scavenger is an expert on shipping, he was the top employee for 6 years in a row. Ben has been working for Wild Corp. for 10 years.

Wild Corp.

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